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What are the materials used for processing cartons?


The commonly used materials for carton packaging processing include cardboard, pit paper and fine paper. What are the major categories of these papers? We will introduce the materials commonly used in carton processing.

The number of grams of cardboard is relatively large, commonly used are 250g, 300g, 400g and 450g.

Pit paper is generally used in E-line and F-Line. Generally, the flour paper is 250g powder ash, and pit paper is used inside, which is what we call corrugated cardboard.

Fine boxes are generally produced with grey board paper, which weighs 600 grams and has a thickness of more than 1mm; The use of grey board paper is based on the needs of customers. Generally, 950g, 1200g and 1500g Grey Board wrapping paper are used for packaging; In addition, it can also be made into multi gram paperboard by double mounting. For example, 600g double gray board can be double mounted into 1200g double gray board paper.

Facial paper generally uses 128G and 157G double coated paper.

The materials used in carton processing mainly include face paper and pit paper.

Paper cartons usually include: gray copper, white copper, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, etc;

Pit paper (corrugated paper)

For cartons that cannot meet the requirements of a and B corrugated boards, many Taiwan funded enterprises generally require the use of e-corrugated boards when ordering single pit beer boxes.

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